How to Hide Subpages
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If you include the page as a subpage of your main notion page, there are ways to hide this page on your site.

The No-code way

You can hide all Notion pages from the Theme editor in the Layout section using Notion Page links setting:

Hide all toggles using custom code

A common way to do this is to put the page in a toggle on your main page, then hide toggle using the CSS for that toggle;
This hides the subpage link on your main page, but still allows you to link to it directly.

In Notion:

  1. Create a ► toggle list block at the bottom of your page in Notion

  2. Drag the pages you want to hide into the toggle list block

    Creating a toggle block in Notion and then moving a page into it.

Then in Super:

  1. Go to the Code section of your Dashboard

  2. Open the CSS tab of the Code section

  3. Paste this code in the CSS area

.notion-toggle {
display: none !important;

Finally, press Save and then Refresh your page in the Dashboard.

Hide only brown toggles

You can also do it this way so that you can hide some toggles but leave others visible:

  1. Move your pages inside a ► toggle list block in Notion

  2. Set the whole toggle block to have a brown background color

    Making a toggle block have a brown background

  3. Add the following snippet to the CSS tab on the "Code" page in your Site editor: { 
display: none !important;

How to locate if the link or pages on your site is being hidden.

To determine whether an element is being displayed with or without a template, is to use the developer tools to inspect that section of the page and see if the block is being hidden with display: none code.

In the top right of the image we can see that this code is coming from style.css - which is the template stylesheet.

To make it visible, kindly add the code in CSS section:

.notion-page {
display: block !important;
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