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Get back in touch with your expired fans (subs): Send them PPVs, and get them to resubscribe

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The Auto-Follower allows you to re-engage with your expired subscribers.

Use it to increase your fans' spending and the number of spenders returning to your page.

⚠️ Our Auto-Follower speed rate is limited to match the limitations from OnlyFans; you may experience it slower at the beginning, but we've chosen the most optimal rate to follow all of your expired fans without getting your account banned!

How is this helpful?

By following your expired fans, OnlyFans allows you to message them in private conversations or mass messaging, including sending PPVs.

Otherwise, if you don't follow your expired fans, you miss the opportunity to make more sales and increase the number of spenders resubscribing.

💡 In other words, the Auto-Follower lets you bring back old spenders, or sell content even after your fans' subscription is over.

Increase fans' lifetime spending

Continue sending PPVs to your expired fans and chatting with spenders.

With the Auto-Follower, an expired fan can buy PPVs and send tips just like an active fan.

Without the Auto-Follower, you can't upsell content once a fan's subscription is over.

Since a big cut of your earnings comes from upselling, this dramatically increases each fan's spending, thus your revenue.

To maximize revenue, the Auto-Follower has an intelligent priority system that follows your high spenders first.

Increase retention

Bring your expired fans back simply by starting a conversation, or offering a gift in return for resubscribing.

We noticed that about 20-25% of expired subs return when you make this effort.

Use cases

👉 Recommended: For instructions, best practices, and a deeper dive into the use cases, please read this article.

Here are examples of actions to increase earnings from your Expired Fans:

  1. Include your Expired fans in Super Mass messages: We highly recommend you start adding your Expired fans to your regular mass messages, especially mass PPVs with Personalized Pricing.
    This can multiply your sales instantly.

  2. Send a Super Mass message ONLY to Expired Fans: Send a message exclusive to your expired fans.

    1. Offer them special discounts or promos for old content.

    2. Remind them of your awesome content with previews.

  3. Initiate conversations with expired spenders via chatting: Supercreator lets you show or filter out fans right from your inbox.
    You can set a spending threshold for the Auto-Follower, and start 1:1 conversation with your lost spenders.

Set up

Using the Auto-Follower is very easy; start its functionality once, and the rest is done automatically and requires zero effort.

🔥 We integrated an intelligent priority system that follows fans by their spending.
In addition, it avoid following creators spamming your inbox, and fans that require a paid subscription.


After connecting Supercreator to your OnlyFans account for the first time, you will see the Auto-Follower Popup. Click "Run Auto-Follower automatically", and the Supercreator will follow expired fans every day.

If you can't find the pop-up, just go to your Expired Fans tab on OnlyFans, and click on "Run Auto-Follow".


To change anything related to the Auto-Followers, go to the Auto-Follower page on the Console.

These are our recommended settings:

🔥 Notice the "Only follow fans with Total Spend of at least ... $
This is a spending threshold for the Auto-Follower. If you have a free page, or just don't want your expired fans to have the ability to message you, we highly recommend leaving the Auto-Follower ON with a spending threshold.

This way, you're not losing future upsells for spenders, and still keep your page exclusive and clean from expired freeloaders.

Disabling the Auto-Follower

If at any time you wish to disable Auto-Follower, disable "Run automatically in the background" and "Show Notification".

Turn off email notification

Sometimes you can get email notifications from OnlyFans regarding your following.

This can be pretty annoying, therefore, it's best to disable those notifications.

To turn off email notifications, go Notification setting on OnlyFans, and toggle Off "Important subscription notifications".

❗️There’s a toggle in OnlyFans that directly contradicts everything the Auto-Follower tries to do - If this setting is turned on, it unfollows fans the moment their subscription expires.

That means that we’ll hit the limit of the daily following WITHOUT the auto-follower ever doing anything. Please make sure to have it turned OFF in all accounts using the auto-follower.

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