What do I get with Superboost+?
Written by Alex Kehr
Updated over a week ago

Superlocal is a freemium iOS application. This means that most of the app is free, to make it accessible to as many people as possible. However, we offer an optional subscription to Superlocal called Superboost+.

Superboost+ is a simple way to support our small team, but also unlocks a plethora of features, including:

  • Premium and advanced life analytics

  • The ability to increase your Fog of World radius to "cheat" on the leaderboard tab

  • Watch 2X free coin chests to increase your Worldwide Rank faster

  • Access to limited edition Superlocal merch drops

  • Early access to new features

  • Access to beta features

We are constantly adding more premium features for Superboost+ and plan to drastically increase the offering.

Thank you for supporting us when you get Superboost+. ❤️

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