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What features are included in Google Sheets integration?
What features are included in Google Sheets integration?
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Surfe offers a range of features when connected to your CRM. Because Google Sheets works differently, the features available for Google Sheets are unique. Below you can find a list of Surfe’s features which are included with the Google Sheets integration and a list of features that you can only use when you connect your CRM.

Features included with Google Sheets:

  • Email finder and Mobile Phone finder

  • Add LinkedIn Contact to Google Sheet

  • Highlight LinkedIn contacts that are already in your Google Sheet when browsing LinkedIn (only for users in my list)

  • List export (only for Sales Navigator users)

  • Info section (edit fields)

  • Message Templates

  • Dashboard analytics

Features that are only included when you connect your CRM:

  • Message Sync and Analytics

  • Contact Updates

  • Sales Enablement integrations

  • Tasks

  • Notes

  • Deals

To benefit from all of Surfe’s featuresoilol, connect a CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, or Copper.

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