All your contacts are visible in the People Tab. You can add contacts in contact lists you create. By default no list created, you have to manually create a list to share surveys.

The people tab will direct you to the contacts page. You can add contacts in two ways

Now that you have added contacts to your People Tab. Let us add them to a Contact List.

Note: You can also create a list first and then add contacts.

Select all the contacts that you want to add in a particular list and then click on make a list. You can add the contacts in an existing list or create a new list.

To create a new list click on Manage Lists. Click on Add Contact List. Enter the label of the contact list, you can also add a description for your list.

Then Save & exit.

It was easy to create a list. Now let us view our list, click on Manage lists. Here you will view all your lists. View the contact details of the list by clicking on the list name.

Edit or delete contacts from lists using the edit/delete icon. Delete multiple contact lists by selecting the lists and click on the delete icon on top.

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