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How to setup your MetaMask wallet
How to setup your MetaMask wallet
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Swappable supports several Ethereum wallet integrations as presented in the figure below. For the ease of users, MetaMask is the wallet recommended as the ideal browser extension.

How do I set up a MetaMask wallet?

  1. Select “Create a Wallet”, and create a username and password that you will remember.

  2. You will be assigned a “Secret Recovery Phrase”. Make sure to write down this phrase down on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

    This phrase is the ONLY way you can recover your wallet content (i.e. your NFTs or cryptocurrency) in case you forget your password. If you lose both your wallet credentials and your recovery phrase, your funds will be lost. This phrase is only known to you and guarantees you FULL and EXCLUSIVE access to your funds. Do not share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone.

  3. Confirm that you have saved the “Secret Recovery Phrase” by selecting the words in the correct order as requested.

  4. MetaMask is now installed and set up. It can be found in your browser extension toolbar, usually in the top right of your screen, the logo is the fox face. Once you click the browser extension, your wallet will be displayed as per the screenshot below.

After setting up your Metamask wallet, make sure to fund it with ETH in order to be able to trade through Swappable.

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