To be able to interact with the Polygon network, users must add MATIC on their Metamask wallet. MATIC is the native currency of the Polygon network. Upon adding Polygon to your Metamask wallet, you can add MATIC funds via the following options.

Option 1: Transfer MATIC from an exchange to your Metamask wallet

Many exchanges allow you to hold MATIC and withdraw them to an external address. A comparison of withdrawal fees among exchanges with MATIC can be found here.

Depending on the user interface of each exchange, perform the following actions in order to buy MATIC from an exchange and transfer them to your Metamask wallet. If you do not have an account on an exchange, choose one from the list below and sign up.

  1. If you do not own any MATIC, deposit funds to your exchange account using the available options. Available options usually include credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies and more.

  2. When the funds are deposited to your exchange account (may take 2-3 working days for a bank transfer), you have to buy MATIC. Usually you have to click on the “Buy” or “Buy/Sell” options.

  3. Choose “Polygon” or “MATIC” from the token list and proceed with the buying instructions.

  4. When you receive MATIC into your exchange wallet, choose to “Withdraw” via cryptocurrencies. Enter your Metamask Polygon address as the destination address. Your MATIC address is found on your MetaMask wallet and it is the same as your ETH address.

Option 2: Swap other cryptocurrencies to MATIC

If you own other cryptocurrencies on your Metamask Wallet like Ethereum, USDT etc. you can easily swap them to MATIC via a bridge like AnySwap and Cross-Chain.

How to use AnySwap:

  • Login with your Metamask on AnySwap

  • Switch Metamask to the chain where your tokens are (the one you want to swap for Polygon tokens). Let’s say that you own USDT on the Ethereum Mainnet

  • Choose the token you want to swap (e.g. USDT), and enter the amount you want to swap

After the bridge to the Polygon chain, the users must swap the tokens for MATIC, using a decentralized exchange that supports Polygon like QuickSwap.

  • Log in to QuickSwap via Metamask

  • Enter the amount of USDT (or any token) you want to swap for MATIC.

* Since you do not have MATIC in your wallet when you receive your bridged tokens (USDT in our example), you need to get some to validate your Switch. We recommend you to use the Polygon Gas Swap to swap a few tokens for MATIC, that are enough to pay switch fees. It will allow you to do a low-value swap, without paying MATIC Fees.

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