Your transaction will be rated on not only the care of the garments but the care of the packaging.
• Inspect your garments for damages before packaging and notify SwapRetail if any are found. Do not ship damaged or erroneous goods.
• Make sure you are shipping the correct listed on the packing slip
• For extra precaution, take photos of the garments you are shipping out to protect your order from any RA claims.
• If you're shipping clothing, make sure each item is in an individual garment bag to prevent wrinkles or damages.
• Ensure the packing slip is enclosed in the outgoing shipment and that there are no other labels or writing on the outside of the box, aside from the SwapRetail shipping label.
• Thoroughly tape the box on all sides and seams to prevent damages in transit.
• Tell your staff a pickup has been scheduled so they show FedEx where the box is; If your order does not go out, penalties will be applied.

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