To add the abilitity to publish posts to your Instagram channel managed through you need to go through an additional authorization process.

The following conditions have to be met:

  • You have to have a valid Access Token set for your Instagram channel in the channel settings page (this is most likely in place already).
  • Your Instagram account has to be switched to an "Instagram for Business" account. If you didn't do this already, this can be set directly in the Instagram app on your smartphone, you'll find it in the settings menu.
    Check out this Facebook help article for further guidance.
  • Your "Instagram for Business" account needs to be connected to your Facebook page. This process is done automatically while converting your account to an "Instagram for Business" account.
    If for some reason this connection is not in place, you can set/change the link through the Instagram App as described in this Facebook help article.

If those three conditions are met, you have to set a second Access Token for your Instagram channel on its settings page (called "Credentials for Publishing"). This process works just like setting the other Access Token for the channel except that you will see an authentication confirmation from Facebook this time (which you should approve of course). Just tap "Reset" as shown on the screenshot below:

After the "Credentials for Publishing" have been set and authorised through Facebook, this box on the settings page will show as green.
You can now publish pictures to Instagram directly through!

Please note that at the moment, Instagram has not yet added support for multi-picture-posts, video-posts or user-tags to their API, so those would have to be manually published/set through the Instagram App.

In case you need any assistance with this process, don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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