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Test Report History
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Access: Service Providers

Overview: Basics on searching and viewing previously submitted test reports.


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  • Viewing Submitted Test Reports: 0:01

  • Searching for an Assembly: 0:57

  • Test Report Table Settings: 1:40

  • Viewing a Test Report: 2:09

  • Downloading a Test Report: 2:59

  • Viewing Compliance Issues: 3:23

  • Viewing Submitted Test Files: 4:00

Navigating to the Test Reports Tab

To get to the Test Reports Tab, go to the left side of your screen and select Test Reports on the navigation panel.


Searching for a Test Report

In the Test Report section, you’ll be able to see all tests that have been submitted by any tester at each company you work with. Because of this, you’ll likely want to search for specific test reports that your company(s) have submitted.

To search for a Test Report, in the Test Reports tab, you can enter the serial number of the assembly you’re looking for in the search bar next to the magnifying glass.


If you want to look up a Test Report by other criteria (Account Number, Address,etc) you can click the arrow on the right side of the search bar and enter in your information in the appropriate field. Click Save to complete your search.


Viewing Test Report Details

To view the details in a submitted test report, go into the Test Reports Table and click the submitted test that you'd like to view. This will open up a window on the right side of the page showing details, compliance, and any attachments that were submitted with the test.

Details Tab

The first tab that shows when you open up a test report is the Details tab. In this tab you can find the following information:

  • Status ( Submitted, Accepted, Rejected, In-Progress, Pending Payment)

    • Submitted- Your test report has been successfully submitted and awaiting your water organization's decision.

    • Accepted - Your test report has been accepted by your water organization.

    • Rejected- Your test report has been rejected.

    • In-Progress- Your test report has not been successfully submitted or is incomplete.

    • Pending Payment- Your test report is awaiting payment before submission (only applies to water organizations that require payment).

  • Compliant (Is this assembly compliant with the water organization's set parameters or not)

  • Assembly type (RP, DC, etc)

  • Make (Watts, Febco, etc)

  • Model

  • Notes (Any notes written at the time of submission)

On this tab, you'll also find two buttons. One that will allow you to view the test report in more detail, and one that will allow you to download your test report. For more information on downloading your report, click here, or scroll to the next section.


To view your test report in greater detail, select the View Report Button. This will take you into your test report and show you all the information submitted with it including the location and assembly information, the test data, a summary, and the tester's information. To navigate through each of these screens, you can use the Next or Back button at the bottom of the screen.


Compliance Issues Tab

Clicking into the Compliance Issues tab will show you the data field(s) that caused the test to fail. In our example, you can see we had values in Check Valve 1 and Check Valve 2 that were out of the water organizations' accepted parameters.


Files Tab

Clicking into the Files Tab will show you all attachments that were uploaded with the test report.


Discrepancy Table

A discrepancy table will appear if you make any changes to any information on the first page of your test report related to assembly or location information. Our discrepancy table is a tool available to you to see what has been changed compared to the expected value in your water organization database.


* No required action needed. Your city will communicate with you if changes need to be made.

Downloading a Test Report

You can download a test report as a PDF document that will allow you to save, print, and send the test report. To do this, go to the Details tab of your test and select Download Report.


You will be taken to a new tab with your PDF test report. From here you can download or print using the arrow and the printer in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Deleting a Test Report

** Submitted Test reports cannot be deleted

Once a test report has been submitted and finalized it cannot be deleted. However, you can delete an incomplete "In Progress" report. To delete an incomplete test report, navigate to the test report tab and select the report you wish to delete. Next, click on the red trash can icon at the bottom right corner.


Next, you will be prompted to confirm your request in a warning message. Click the "Delete" button at the center of the message to complete the test report deletion.


Test Report Table Filters

If you need to look up information on inactive assemblies, click on the three horizontal lines at the right of the search bar, then deselect “Active” and click Save. This will allow you to search all active and inactive service providers using the search bar.

You can also enter in a date guidelines to narrow down your search results.


Test Report Table Settings

You can customize the columns you want to see in the Test Reports table by clicking the gear at the top right corner of the table. This will let you add and remove different data columns to create a layout that works best for you.


When you open the gear menu, select or deselect each column title by clicking the check box to the left of the titles. Click Save to save your new table settings.

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