Head to https://switcheo.exchange.

As a good security practice, check that Switcheo's SSL certificate, "Switcheo Exchange Pte Ltd [SG]", is visible in the address bar to ensure that you are not on a malicious site.

Also, always check that you are visiting https://switcheo.exchange

There are two ways to gain access to Switcheo Portfolio on the exchange:

  • Switcheo Account

  • Individual blockchain wallets (e.g: EOS, Ethereum, NEO)

Existing Switcheo Account users need not create a new portfolio, as it will be automatically created for you. For users with blockchain wallets, read on to learn how to create your portfolio!

For details on setting up a Switcheo Account, go here.

Step 1: Login to Switcheo Exchange

Click on the "Connect Wallet" button to get started.

Step 2: Create a Portfolio

On the Wallet Manager page, you will see the following text fields, "Portfolio Name" and "Referral Code".

In the example below, I've chosen "Switcheolio" as my Portfolio name. The name of your Portfolio must be unique as it is not possible at this time to create a username that is taken by an existing user.

You can skip to the next step if you do not have an existing referral code.

Step 3: Select blockchain wallets to be connected

Success! You've created your very first Portfolio!

Next, tap and select the blockchain wallets that you'd like to tie together with your Portfolio. Then, click "Done".

Managing your wallet addresses

If you'd like to add more wallet addresses, simply tap on your connected wallets and "Add to Portfolio".


  • At this time, you can only connect one blockchain wallet to one Portfolio. 

  • To link your blockchain wallet to a new Portfolio, tap on the red stop icon to disconnect your wallet from your existing Portfolio.

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