Swoop offers three different trip options: one way, roundtrip, and Select. 

Trip Types

1. One-Way:

Keep it simple. Going from A to B and nothing in between. If you are looking to have a good time on the way to your event OR the way back, and want a way to keep your group together, a one-way trip is the perfect solution. 

2. Roundtrip

A more affordable alternative to Select. It's exactly how it sounds -- think of this trip type as two one-way trips. You don't have to pay to keep the vehicle with you to hold onto your belongings or make multiple stops. Once you select your return time, the vehicle will return to pick up your group and take you back to your desired destination. If you don't need the vehicle to stay with your group, make multiple stops, or need to leave your items in the vehicle, then round-trip is the right selection

3. Select

Also known as an "Hourly" reservation. Select is the best experience for your group. It's your vehicle for the hours reserved. What you get: Unlimited stops, no waiting fees, leave your belongings and beverages in the vehicle while you're out and about, and keep your same driver. Need to make multiple stops or want to leave your stuff in the Swoop without a worry, then Select is right choice for you.  

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