Where we will be working: Settings > Configure > Integrations

Swoop will auto-associate the Agero Locations with matching Swoop Sites. Administrators can confirm and adjust this association, by clicking the grey "Configure" button. 

The Sites must have "Dispatch" enabled to be eligible for Agero Digital Dispatch.

Sites are also automatically logged in or out of Agero based on their digital dispatch hours.

Site Configuration Errors

Issue: If no Agero Location has been selected, but the "Save" blue button is clicked, a window will be shown, to prompt: "Select Agero Location" under the Vendor ID label.
Select an Agero Location from the dropdown list. Note: once an Agero Location has been selected for one Site, it will no longer appear in other dropdown lists. The selection of another Site can be performed by simply de-selecting. 

Issue: If the site is toggled ON, and green, when the "Save" button is clicked before selecting the Agero Location, you will see an error that states "Agero Location is Required."
Select an Agero Location from dropdown list.

For Agero Technical Support, email techsupport@agero.com or call 800-541-2262 and press 3.
For Agero Performance Managers, select "Contact Us" at https://www.agerosupport.com/.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us in the blue chat bubble to the right of this screen, or you can reach us at support@joinswoop.com

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