You will find a new menu in your Syncee Dashboard, which is called Find suppliers.

Here the Syncee team created a list of trustworthy suppliers, whose products you are able to import to your store with a few clicks. You can now forget about the setting up of your Syncee tasks, because everything is already created for you beforehand.

The Syncee Supplier Exchange will connect Shopify retailers and Suppliers from all around the world who offer drop shipping or remote warehouseing service.

To acces the SSE, log in to your Syncee Dashboard and click on Suppliers.

Here you will find the catalog of suppliers you are free to use. There is a short description about the supplier on the right, with a recommendation of possible margin and the number of items they are offering. Click on the Preview products button to see what they are offering.

You will also see where the supplier ships and the estimated delivery time.

At the top of the page, you can filter the list of suppliers by their name or the countries they are shipping.

Important! Importing the products of the suppliers from this list does not equal with a subscription on their page! Some of these suppliers require their customers to pay a monthly, annual or one-time fee in order to place orders.

Syncee is an intermediate company who is responsible for the flawless import of the products, however, it is the retailer/Shopify store owner, who will need to contact the supplier to see how they can order products from them. Moreover, Syncee does not take responsibility for any issues occuring during shipping or issues about the physical products.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our support staff.

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