1. Log in to your Syncee Dashboard.

2. Click on Suppliers

3. Filter the supplier list if you need.
4. Choose your supplier and click on Preview Products.

5. Filter products you would like to import to your store. Use the Basic or the Advanced filter.

6. Click on Use this Supplier.

7. You will see the import task wizard of Syncee, but the Field mapping and every crucial step is already done for you in order to pace up the process and to make your job easier.

8. You will be able to select the price margin as usual. You can create price ranges, add fixed or percentage-based profit to all chosen products. Moreover, you can select the rounding rules here.

9. If in the future you would like to modify the products you chose previously, you will be able to access the Filter settings in the import task.

10. In the Summary page you can select if you would like to receive emails or notifications when the import is done. Plus, here you can schedule the running of your task.

11. You will see in the Summary page that it is an Upsert task (update and upload together). It means that all chosen products which are not in your store will be uploaded to your shop. Every other product which already been in your store before, will be uploaded with the new information.

12. Click on Next.

13. You can manage the task here. Click on the Edit button if you would like to change something. Click on the Start button if you would like to manually start the import.

Important! Importing the products of the suppliers from this list does not equal with a subscription on their page! Many of these suppliers require their customers to pay a monthly, annual or one-time fee in order to place orders.

Syncee is an intermediate company who is responsible for the flawless import of the products, however, it is the retailer/Shopify store owner, who will need to contact the supplier to see how they can order products from them. Moreover, Syncee does not take responsibility for any issues occuring during shipping or issues about the physical products.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our support staff.

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