You can import the product of the Syncee Supplier on the regular Syncee plan prices.

It is based on product number. So if you would like to upload or update 2,000 products using the supplier exchange, you will need a plan that allows you to manage 2,000 products.

Additionally, if you already have other import tasks, which you added by yourself, (not using the Supplier Exchange) and still would like to use them, you will need to add together the managed products numbers.

For instance, if you already manage 5,000 products in the Syncee import tasks plus would like to import 4,000 products of a new supplier from the Supplier Exchange, you will need a plan for 9,000 products.

Important! Importing the products of the suppliers from this list does not equal with a subscription on their page! Many of these suppliers require their customers to pay a monthly, annual or one-time fee in order to place orders.

Syncee is an intermediate company who is responsible for the flawless import of the products, however, it is the retailer/Shopify store owner, who will need to contact the supplier to see how they can order products from them. Moreover, Syncee does not take responsibility for any issues occuring during shipping or issues about the physical products.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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