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Xero and Synnch
Connect Xero to your Synnch Projects
Connect Xero to your Synnch Projects

To use Xero with Synnch to its fullest protectional you need map expenses to your projects and set an apportionment.

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To start this process you will need to ensure you payroll enabled and RnD related expenses for the current financial year in your P&L.

  • Log in to Synnch

  • Go to the Expenditure Workspace (EWS)

  • Click You Company Menu on top right and then Expenditure

    Screen shot of Synnch showing the Company menu extended and showing the expenditure workspace

  • Once there if Xero is not connected or mapped you will be asked to begin the process.

    • If you have not connected Xero already by signing up with Xero or logging in with Xero, you will be asked to sign into Xero

    • Select your Xero file and accept the permissions

    • If you have already connected you will be taken to the first Step

  • Step 1 Mapping your Employees

    • Your employees will be listed.

      You will see base rate data or salary for each employee

      For each employee that contributes to your R&D you need to bring them into the system.

      • Tick the employees that are relevant

        If you have already set them up as a team member you can map them in the list, along with their permission level.

        • When selecting permission level, you can choose a Team member [Link to permission information] or a Staff Member. Team members have permission to login to Synnch, however Staff members are just listed for reporting and adding time against for your projects.

      • Once you have mapped your Employees click Next

  • Step 2 Mapping your Expenses from your P&L

    • Tick the expenses you would like to track

      • Note: if you have already mapped employees, you will see a note not to map superannuation and wages as they are already accounted for.

  • Step 3 - You have completed the simple mapping now let’s get Advanced

    • Click Advanced setup

    • You will be asked to allocate your R&D expenditure across your project.

    • You can use the following distribution methods.

      • Hours (this is based on the hours allocated to each project via time entries.)

      • Even this splits the expense across the projects evenly.

      • Manual – you can specify the

    • Once you have finished your distribution of expenses you can click next to perform the apportionment of the expenses to each project.

      • You will now be able to apportionment methods

        • Hours (Total Company Hours vs RND Tracked Hours)

        • Floor space (Can be updated in the company details tab)

        • Manual Can set an apportionment based on your own metrics, you have to make a note for the apportionment at the time of applying before moving to the next step.

Congratulations you have connected and mapped your Xero data into Synnch. You can remap at any time by click the sync button on the expenditure page.

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