Creating the same element to use across multiple projects can be tedious, especially if always use the same configuration.

An easy fix is to create Element Profile’s that have the exact attribute structure you always use, drag and drop your desired element onto the canvas, and then select from the drop down a preconfigured device. This copies all stared attribute details.

The Team Admin is the only individual who can create create Element Profiles from the Cloud Workspace, but all Team Members can use them. Element Profiles can be created from the Account Settings or directly from the attribute window within a survey.

Note: Only the the attributes that are marked with blue star will be saved within the Profile. Also, checking “Set as Default” will automatically apply the profile attributes every time the element is used by any team member.

The Team Admin can also pre-assemble containers such as Nodes or Doors. This is great for creating door packages.

Element Profiles can also be created directly from the survey edit window by the Team Admin. If you press "Save as Current Profile" you can overwrite an existing Element Profile by selecting the radio button or create a new Element Profile.

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