You have agreed to make the Monthly Payments using a debit card, the details of which you provided when applying for the Plan through your Tabeo Account. 

By entering into this Plan, you give us consent to collect payments from your debit card on behalf of the Practice. This is known as a recurring payment, which is a regular automatic payment linked to your debit card (allowing your Practice to take payments directly from your debit card on the relevant payment dates).

You acknowledge and agree that your Practice has appointed Tabeo as its agent for the purpose of collecting the Monthly Payments from you. Tabeo will set up an arrangement with you under which we will debit the amount of your Monthly Payment, each month, from your debit card. 

Tabeo will collect your Monthly Payments in full (and not in part) on the Monthly Payment Date. Tabeo may change the Monthly Payment Date by giving you 30 calendar days’ notice.

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