Any Monthly Payments made prior to the end of the Plan are non-refundable and Tabeo or the Practice do not provide refunds or credits for any unused treatment entitlement. It is your responsibility to book regular appointments for the treatment included within the Plan to take place before the Plan ends.

If you cancel your Plan, you can reactivate it at any time up until 30 calendar days’ from the end of your Plan. 

To reactivate your Plan during this time you must access your Tabeo Account and follow the ‘reactivate plan’ link. By reactivating your Plan, you authorise us to resume collection of your Monthly Payments on the next Monthly Payment Date. If one of your Monthly Payments has been missed due to the cancellation then you authorise us to collect two Monthly Payments on the next Monthly Payment Date. Your treatment entitlement will resume when we have collected all Monthly Payments that are due.

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