To view benefits and treatments covered under your plan, please log into your Tabeo account and view the list of benefits detailed on the dashboard

Please note that benefits covered are subject to change

Your Practice may review and change your Monthly Payment in April in any year and at other times in exceptional circumstances, due to inflation, increased material costs, practice running costs or due to a change in your oral health.

Your Practice or Tabeo may also make changes to the Care Plan Terms as required to reflect changes to their respective business practices,  applicable laws or regulations or for any other reason.

You will be given at least 30 calendar days’ notice prior to the Monthly Payment Date from which the change to your Monthly Payment, your Plan and/or to these Terms is due to take effect (“Effective Date of Change”). The notice will clearly state the Effective Date of Change. Unless you cancel your Plan before the Effective Date of Change, you will be deemed to have accepted the proposed changes and you authorise us to collect your next Monthly Payment on the next Monthly Payment Date and (if applicable) at the amended rate.

If you choose to cancel your Plan before the Effective Date of Change, your plan will end on the Effective Date of Change as per the Terms & Conditions of your plan. 

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