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Start from scratch, bring your writing to Tablo, or publish a PDF

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A book on Tablo is where your author journey begins. Fiction, memoir, poetry — whatever you plan to write, and whatever your aspirations are, it all starts here.

Need an account?

  1. Go to Tablo and click Join Tablo.

  2. Enter your name, email address, and a secure password.

Trouble signing in? Read our guide here →

1. Start a book from scratch

  • Click Create a New Book

  • A new page will appear with numbered steps to move through.

  • Give a title for your book, and scroll to step 2.

  • Now decide how you want your book to look. Pick a style that matches the tone of your book, from formal to relaxed.

  • Make your choice by selecting a book page, then click Start Writing.

2. Bring your writing to Tablo

You can add a Word document that contains your writing. We will transform it into a Tablo book.

  • Click Upload a Word document.

  • A new page will appear. Drop a Word document anywhere on it.

  • The whole process takes up to a minute, depending on your book's size. If you are waiting longer, send us a message. We can step in.

3. Import and publish a PDF

Have a ready-designed book? You can import a PDF and publish it in three steps.

Step 1: Import your book

  • Click Import a PDF.

  • A new page will appear. Drop a PDF document that contains your book's inside pages anywhere on it.

  • The process starts. Add your book's title, and click Create Book.

Step 2: Review your book

  • Your pages are in left-and-right facing pairs.

  • Scroll down to view all your pages.

  • Or, navigate using the < and > buttons.

  • Once you have viewed all pages, click Approve & Continue.

Step 3: Publish your book

  • Select Paperback or Hardcover. Check your title, add your book's subtitle (if it has one), your author name, bookstore description, and store categories.

  • Choose to make your book available immediately, or available for pre-order first.

  • Select your printing color, and paper type.

  • Upload your book cover files, and choose your book prices.

  • Enter your PayPal email address for royalties, and payment details for your plan.

  • Review the author terms and conditions, and click Publish My Book.

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