You publish with Tablo by choosing a plan. A plan has a single annual fee that covers all your publishing costs. Below we'll walk through each plan, or jump to the end of this page to find an extended FAQ.

Plan options

Each plan covers all preparations for your book, assigning all required ISBNs, and distribution to a global network of stores. The difference is the formats included.

eBook plan

Great for authors wanting an efficient way to offer an eBook for sale online.

  • Costs $99 per year.

  • Your book as an eBook to 26 major book retailers, libraries and universities.

Paperback plan

Our most popular plan, for authors who want to take their book to the world.

  • Costs $299 per year.

  • Publish your book as an eBook and Paperback together to 40,000 stores.

Hardcover plan

For authors who want it all. Your book in all markets and all major formats.

  • Costs $499 per year.

  • Publish your book as an eBook, Paperback and Hardcover together to 40,000 stores.


Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, you pay when you choose to submit. The fee covers all preparations for your book, and the next 12 months of book distribution.

Can I pay my plan monthly?

Currently there isn't a way to do this. Our plans are paid yearly, and cover the next 12 months of distribution and account handling for your book (and all book preparation in the first year).

Do you discount at all?

Yes, if you are planning to publish multiple books. Talk to us about what we can offer.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel your plan at any time. Cancelling takes effect on your next renewal date. Your book may stay in distribution until that time.

Do you offer refunds?

A full refund is possible after submitting your book, and before we publish you. We don't offer refunds after you've published.

What if I am unhappy with my book?

We offer a guarantee. Before publishing Tablo will show you a full digital proof of your book for you to approve. If you are unhappy, we will refund the plan fee.\

How many books is it per plan?

Each publishing plan covers one book. You need an additional plan to publish a new book after your first.

Can I upgrade or move plans?

You can. You can move up and down. Message us and we'll do that for you.

  • Upgrading your plan: You can move plans from eBook to paperback or hardcover, and from a paperback plan to a hardcover plan, at any time. The cost is the difference between plans. Or half that difference, if six months have passed on your plan already.

  • Downgrading your plan: Downgrades take affect on your next renewal date. Tell us the plan you'd like to move to, and we'll switch you over automatically at renewal time.

Can I renew but pay later?

If you'd like more time to pay, simply reach out to tell us. Send us a message or email us to arrange to pay later. We’re ready to help.

Am I locked in?

No, there is no minimum yearly commitment. You can cancel in any year of your plan, including the first.

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