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Know your options for a book cover with Tablo.

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Covers sell books. We have several options for a cover — from free to paid, and from all your own files to letting us create a cover for you. Here's what's possible.

Designers: Looking for cover print specifications? Find them here →

Free book cover options

Let Tablo create your cover

  • Upload an image, and we'll design your cover around it.

  • You can give more than one, and tag your images as Front Cover or Rear Cover.

  • We'll build a cover — back, spine and front — and add all the required text for you.

Upload your own book cover

  • Have design training? You can create and share your own cover.

  • Upload a front, back and spine for your book, as separate files or a full spread.

  • Both JPEG and PDF are supported. See the full list of cover guidelines →

Paid book cover options

Work with your own designer

Work with a Tablo designer

  • Tablo has custom design services. For a flat fee of $499 we can design a custom cover for you from your design brief. Send us a message to get started.

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