Energy Savings or Energy IQ can be accessed from the Home Screen of your app.


The Energy Savings Report gives a breakdown of how tado° helped you save over the last month:

Overall savings with tado°: Your personalised, estimated energy savings over the month, compared to if you had a traditional thermostat and heating schedule. This figure is calculated taking the Skills given below into account.

Geofencing: The number of hours at least one of your rooms was set to Away Mode.

Weather Adaptation (Only for heating devices): The number of hours of sunshine tado° took into account along with your building’s characteristics to help reduce unnecessary heating.

Weather Adaptation (Only for Smart AC Control ): The number of hours of cooler weather tado° took into account along with your building’s characteristics to help reduce unnecessary cooling.

Open Window Detection: The number of times your heating was turned off when tado° detected an open window.

Smart Schedule: The number of hours in a day that your Smart Schedule was set to an energy-saving temperature.

Manual Control: The percentage of total heating/cooling time over the month that you manually set your tado° devices to an energy-saving temperature.

tado° Community News: This section provides a new snippet of info each month, relating to your personal energy savings or general climate-related updates.

For months with little or no heating/cooling activity, tado° may not have enough data to estimate your total savings. However, tado° will still show the individual statistics in the Energy Savings Report.

Energy IQ

If you have Auto-Assist, tado° controls your boiler, and your home has only one Heating Zone, the feature will be called Energy IQ on the Home Screen of your app. In this case, you will be able to toggle between two screens, Consumption, and Savings (see above).

The Consumption report is updated daily and estimates your monthly heating consumption and costs.

It shows:

  • the total amount of your estimated heating costs and consumption. You can toggle between currency and to customise your view.

  • a graph comparing your current month’s usage and that of the previous month.

The estimate is made taking several factors into account, such as the duration and intensity of your boiler’s activity. The default is based on the average tariff in your region. To get more accurate, personalised estimates, regularly add your actual meter readings and energy tariff.

Please note: if you bought your products from one of our partners, you might not be able to access this report. Also, the report is not available for the Smart AC Control.

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