In this article we are going to show you the following:

  • How to add projects in Taimer

  • How to add project details

  • How to use the sales funnel in kanban-view

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  • Requirements: Projects

How to add a new project

  • First, click on the Projects tab, in the blue bar

  • Then, click Add Project

  • Fill in details as comprehensive as possible, will help you and others in the future


  • Account: Choose customer to project

  • Project number: Automatically generated by Taimer in sequential order

  • Project name: Define a name

  • Stage: Sub-category of a project status, to help you manage many projects at one time. Defined in admin settings.

  • Start and End date: Add an estimate duration of your project

  • Allocated hours in total: Define how many hours can be allocated to project

  • Project total: Estimate revenue of project

  • Project margin: Estimate margin of project

  • Invoicing status: Project can be Not invoicable or Invoicable. The project automatically switches to Invoicable when the status changes to Deal

  • Invoice hours from: Define date from which day onwards you want to invoice hours to be shown on invoice

  • Scheduled/Recurring invoicing: Define rows with description, dates and sums to be invoiced

  • Invoice expenses: Approved expenses targeted to project will be shown on in invoicing material

  • Buyer reference: added details will be shown when creating invoice

  • Tag: Create tags for projects for more advanced grouping and filtering

How the Sales Funnel "Kanban" works

  • First, click on the Projects tab, in the blue bar

  • Now let's switch the view from Project list to Kanban-view

  • You can drag and drop your projects in different statuses in this view for more visual managing

  • It's possible to also manage your projects to different stages under the statuses to get better overview about your current project situation

  • The project status and stage are changeable in your Project details view as well

  • Change the project status to Ongoing


  • Search details: You can search your projects by the details you've given

  • Statuses: Internal, Opportunity, Offered, Hold, Deals, All - Those are the statuses which are given you by Taimer. You can define stages for each of those in settings

  • Stages: These are sub-categories of the statuses. Read more about defining your own project stages here.


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