The Membership Plan is a great companion to your health insurance plan as a way to save some extra money. Here's a brief overview of how each benefit works alongside your insurance. Note that you must be a Premier Member for access to tele-medicine, dental, vision, and bill negotiation. For more information on each benefit, click the benefit name to see a dedicated help article.

  • Pharmacy discounts - We recommend that you ask your pharmacist to see what the price of your prescription would be with your insurance, and also with your pharmacy discount card. You can only use one or the other, but in many cases the pharmacy discount card can save you more than your insurance plan (though this varies plan-to-plan)

  • Tele-medicine - The use of tele-medicine for diagnosis of "minor" health needs (like a cold or allergy) is a great way to save time and money. When you use your tele-medicine benefit, you can save yourself a trip to the doctor and avoid the co-pay (or full price cost of the visit, depending on your plan). You also get immediate help without having to wait for an appointment - all for no extra cost.

  • Dental discounts - Health insurance rarely includes dental insurance, and purchasing dental insurance on your own is almost always a bad deal. The dental discount program is a great way to save signficantly on dental care. Just check to see if your dentist is part of the dental network.

  • Vision discounts - Most health plans do not cover vision needs like eye exams, prescription lenses, and contact lenses. Your membership includes a discount on eye exams at select locations, discount prescription lenses, discounts on mail-order contacts, and even a discount on LASIK surgery.

  • Medical bill negotiation - We all know how confusing medical bills can be, even with the best insurance plan on the market. Your membership includes a medical bill negotiation service to help find ways to reduce the amount you owe after receiving medical services.

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