What does it mean to have my bill reviewed, and what can I expect?

Medical bills can be fairly confusing. It can be a challenge to understand what you've been charged for, whether it was the right amount, and how to go about requesting to reduce the bill if you think something is inaccurate.

Medical billing mistakes are on the rise, and one study suggest they are as high as 90%. So it goes to reason that one or more of the bills sitting on your table has an error in it.

With a Take Command Health Premier Membership or Smart Benefits, you'll have access to professional bill review services with your personalized Health Pro. It's always a good idea to let  your Health Pro review your medical bills, just in case. If there is an error, your Health Pro will work to get it resolved. If you want, they will also confirm whether the health provider offers payment plans and “prompt pay” discounts. 

Though not all bills will have discounts available, your bills will all be analyzed by a team of experts to determine if there are any errors or savings opportunities. They'll communicate with you throughout the process and work on your behalf to ensure you are billed fairly. The best news? Because of your membership with Take Command Health, any savings they obtain for you is all yours!

Check out this blog post, where one of our customers shares about using our service to save money after a hospital stay!

How do I send a bill to my health pro for review?

You can send a bill for review anytime through your member portal. Once logged in, click on "Benefits." 

There you can click on "Get Started" next to "Get Help with a Medical Bill." It will take you through a quick few steps to tell you more about the service & gather the information that your Health Pro will need to help you out:

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