Vision insurance is typically not included in health insurance on the individual market. With a Take Command Health Premier Membership or with your company's Smart Benefits, you'll have access to the following vision benefits:

  • Eye exams - Discounts of 10%-30% on eye exams at select locations

  • LASIK surgery - Discounts of 40%-50% off the national average cost of LASIK surgery with select providers

  • Mail order contact lenses - Discounts of 10%-40% off contact lenses through a mail-ordering service

  • Glasses - Discounts on prescription glasses from

The vision discount program is provided through Coast to Coast Vision.  You can search for vision providers on their website here. You'll have to contact the doctors directly to confirm exactly what the discount will be on a given service.

To use the discount, you'll provide your Take Command Health ID card to them at your appointment and tell them it's a discount program, rather than insurance. They will be able to process it from there.

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