Can I contribute different amounts for each employee?

Contribution amounts based on household

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To remain compliant, the QSEHRA must be made available in a fair manner to your employees.

With QSEHRA, you can vary rates based on employee family status (single, couple, or family). As long as everyone that fits the criteria you set is treated fairly, you're good to go.

Part-time and seasonal workers can be excluded. However, if you do include them, they must receive the same rate as full-time employees in the same age group or family status.

Our experts will help you come up with an efficient QSEHRA design that’s also compliant.

If you're wanting to differentiate rates for different types of employees (hourly vs. salary, full time vs. part-time, etc.) an ICHRA might be a better fit for you. Here's a blog post we wrote with more information.

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