Getting set up to receive tax-free reimbursements through your company's QSEHRA is easier than it sounds! There are just a few quick steps to get set up:

First, log in to your member portal.

Follow the link in your invitation e-mail from Take Command Health to log in to your new member portal. You can also log in from here, if you cannot find the email. When you follow that link, you'll be able to log into the account we've created to you and will see this welcome video for some reminders and helpful tips!

Your username is your e-mail address, and you can reset your password here if you have forgotten it or if you have never set one.

Once you're logged in, you'll see the prompt below that will walk you through the onboarding process:

Pro-tip: If you're not wanting to participate in 2021 or you already have coverage for this year, this screen is where you'll let us know. Click those links for more details!

Next, we'll show you how much allowance you're eligible to receive based on your family size. You can just click Shop For A Plan in the bottom right to move forward.

Review Documents

Download a copy of your plan documents for your records. Be sure to review them so you can understand and make the most of your QSEHRA benefit! These will also be available for your reference at all times through your member portal. Click the box acknowledging these in order to move forward!

Personal Info & Family Members

We'll ask you to enter in some information we use to help you find insurance plans in your area! You'll want to make sure and add any family members in this section too, so our system knows which reimbursement rate to apply.

Purchase Individual Health Insurance

If you need help shopping for an insurance plan, we can help!

Using the information you gave us, we'll show you the plans available to you in your area and you can pick which one is best for you!

Feeling overwhelmed? Our Enrollment team would be happy to walk you through the process. Reach out to us and we can help you get a call scheduled with them.

Upload Proof of Coverage

In order to get set up for reimbursements through your company's QSEHRA, we first need to verify that your health coverage is eligible. Remember that you must be covered by Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to receive QSEHRA reimbursements.

When you submit proof of your coverage, we want to see proof of your health insurance, and to verify that your health insurance is Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), who the insurance provider is, and that the coverage is current.

Examples of what you can provide for proof of your coverage:

  • A recent monthly premium bill

  • ID card with recent date (within 30 days)

  • Explanation of benefits

  • Screen shot from your online portal with your insurance company

  • Virtual ID card

Note: You won't need to upload your proof of coverage again until the next compliance date (either quarterly or annually).

As an added bonus, if you purchase a plan on our site, we'll take care of this step for you!

Submit Recurring Premium

you can submit your monthly premium as a recurring expense. That means you won't have to submit your premium to us every month! Instead, we'll set it up to automatically be applied to your reimbursement amount each month. You can set it up once for the whole calendar year, and as long as you proof of coverage remains up to date, we'll continue to create the claim for you.

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