***This feature is currently being updated on our platform - check back in the next week for more information on how to take advantage of this great benefit!***

Through our Plan Finder, we will ask you to enter your prescriptions to help you find a plan that will minimize your costs and cover those prescriptions. 

Be sure as you are entering your prescriptions that you enter in exactly the right dosage, type, and brand. There may be several options when you type in your medication, and they'll all pop up below as you type. Double check that you select the most accurate one so we can best estimate your costs:

After you have gone through our Plan Finder survey, when you get to the results page, on each plan, you'll see an overview of how expensive your prescriptions are on that plan.

Click on "More Details" in a given plan to see more information, including:

  • What you'll  pay before and after your deductible for preferred brand and generic versions of prescriptions on your plan.
  • The cost of your specific prescriptions on this plan, and whether they are covered.

What if the plan summary shows no dollar signs for prescriptions and says the price is unknown?

In these cases, you can also find for over-the-counter and out-of-network prescriptions at GoodRx

If it's a prescription medication, you can reference the insurance provider's Drug Formulary that will specify what prescriptions are covered. In some cases, we will include this at the bottom of the details page for a plan. If we do not have it, you can always ask them for it.

Disclaimer: Our data is as up to date as possible! If you're finding a discrepancy in the price we are displaying and the price you are receiving, double check that you entered the correct dosage and brand, and ultimately lean on your provider's Drug Formulary information for the final say. 

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