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What Plan Documents will you provide for my QSEHRA?
What Plan Documents will you provide for my QSEHRA?
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When you sign up with Take Command Health, we will generate your plan and legal documents for you. You'll see the following documents:

  • QSEHRA Plan Document: We have read the IRS rules and written the legal documents accordingly, so you don’t have to! This is the legal document that establishes your QSEHRA plan. 

  • QSEHRA Adoption Agreement: This shows your specific company's QSEHRA configuration selections, and it accompanies the QSEHRA Plan Document.

  • Summary Plan Description: This document is a detailed description of your company's QSEHRA plan and will also be available in your employees' member portals. 

  • Employee Notice: We use this document, which is required by the IRS, to provide important and concise information about the QSEHRA to your employees.

  • Employee Packet: This one is meant to be a little more user-friendly than legal documents, and explains the QSEHRA in more simple terms & answers some FAQs for your employees.

If you have any questions about the documents before approving, feel free to e-mail or chat with us online. When you're ready, be sure to approve the documents from your Member Portal.

Once the documents are approved, we will e-mail your employees to introduce the plan and have them complete their onboarding process. Double check that they are all included in your employee roster to make sure they get an invitation.

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