How can I see my employees' Unclaimed Allowance?

How do I know how much employees have left over to claim this year?

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Think of the QSEHRA or ICHRA allowance as an annual benefit that is "unlocked" on a monthly basis. Your employees' annual allowance is prorated throughout the year. What that means is that any given month throughout the year, if they do not claim their full allowance, any unclaimed reimbursement allowance rolls over to the next month and accumulates to build up a balance of unclaimed reimbursements.

Throughout the year, we will track your employees' total accumulated unclaimed allowance for you, so you know how much they have available to claim for reimbursement, in case they have not claimed it all yet. That number is calculated as their total allowance "unlocked" year-to-date less the total claims made year-to-date. 

In your admin portal, you can view the unclaimed balance of each employee. From the Employee Roster, click on the employee’s name to open their claim history. To the right side of their claims is a box which highlights the employee’s monthly allowance, current year balance, and prior year balance (if applicable).

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