If you get to the end of a plan year, and your employee has used up your their annual allowance but still has a large bill that has not yet been reimbursed, their allowances in the new year will continue to be applied to that unreimbursed claim, as long as the employee remains eligible to participate in your company's QSEHRA.

For example, Sarah receives a QSEHRA allowance of $400 per month. As of December 2020, she has received a total of $4,800 in allowance but only claimed $3,300 in reimbursement. Sarah has a remaining unclaimed balance of $1,500 for 2020 as of December.  

In December 2020 she receives a bill for surgery she had during October 2020 for $3,000, which she submits for reimbursement through her company’s QSEHRA. The $1,500 of accrued unclaimed allowance from 2020 will be applied to that claim in December.

Then in 2021, as she unlocks another $400 per month in allowance each month, that $400 will be applied towards the reimbursement of her surgery bill until it is reimbursed in full.

As long as you follow what is reported on your reimbursement statement, your employees will get everything that is owed! Our system will track all of this for you automatically, so you don't have to worry about it.

You can also view all of an employee's claim amounts and how much of each claim has been reimbursed by clicking on their name in the Employee Roster.

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