One of the benefits included in Smart/Premier is telemedicine, provided through Teladoc, which gives you access to call or video a doctor 24/7 for FREE. They can give you advice and even prescribe you basic medications, all while saving you time and money at the doctor's office or walk-in clinic! Teladoc is a great way to address your medical concerns from the safety of your home. 

What do I need to do before setting up my account?

To set up your Teladoc account, you’ll need to do two things:

  1. Grab your Take Command Health Member ID card. This card was mailed to you, but if you can’t find it, don’t worry! You can find it in your member portal under the Benefits tab.

  2. Confirm your personal information has been correctly entered into your Take Command Health account. Login to your Take Command Health member portal, and go to the Settings tab to make sure your address and birthday are up to date and correct, and you have added your family members to your profile.

Note - if you do make a change in your settings, it could take a few days to get updated in Teladoc’s account. But if you reach out to let us know, we can make sure to get it updated with Teladoc ASAP, too!

Got it! Now, how do I set up my Teladoc account?

You can go directly to Teladoc's website, or you can always access it through your Take Command Health member portal, under Benefits. In the "Call a Doctor" section, click on the purple button to be redirected to Teladoc's site. You'll need your Take Command Health Member ID during the setup process, so take note of it at the top of your screen:

Once on the Teladoc site, navigate to the purple “Set up your Account” box and enter the information requested. The Member ID is the ID number on your Take Command Health ID card, also available in your Member Portal as shown above.

Once your account is set up, you will also need to complete the medical questionnaire before you can request a call from the doctor. You can go ahead and complete forms for family members, as well, so everything is set when anyone in your family needs a doctor!

I ran into an error while setting up my plan. Help?

Many insurance plans include Teladoc services but you may need to pay a copay to use it. If when you set up your plan, you receive a message saying that you must pay a copay in order to see a doctor, Teladoc may be recognizing you in connection to another account. Be sure to use your Take Command Health Member ID number in order to get this service for free.

You do not have to have insurance in order to utilize this service. If you are asked to provide your insurance company, Teladoc may either not recognize you or may be recognizing you in connection to another account. If this happens, please check in with us to make sure that we have your correct zip code & birthday in both our system and Teladoc’s.

We’re happy to help with any questions or concerns that pop up! Chat with us directly or e-mail us at

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