Medical billing mistakes are on the rise, and one study suggest they are as high as 90%. So it goes to reason that one or more of the bills sitting on your table has an error in it.

With a Take Command Health Premier Membership or Smart Benefits, you'll have access to professional bill review services with your personalized Health Pro.  They will be looking for errors in how you were billed. Here are a few common errors that are costing you money. 

Upcoding charges 

Upcoding is an illegal practice used to inflate a patient’s bill. A good example of this is being charged for a named brand medication when the generic was prescribed. Another example is going to the doctor for a routine exam but being charged for something more severe. Ever hear of a “disposable mucus recovery system?" It is a creative name for a box of tissues at one hospital. It’s not always easy to discover these erroneous charges at first glance. Request your medical records and compare the notes in your file with the dates and charges billed. 

Incorrect procedure codes 

Every medical procedure has a code and it is common for the incorrect code to be entered into the billing system by mistake. Hospitals deal with hundreds of insurance companies and they each have different sets of codes and rules. Reviewing the itemized bill is the best way to find the errors and if something doesn’t look right ask the office for clarification.   

Being charged for services you didn’t receive 

Sometimes when you cancel an appointment or a procedure you still might be billed for it. Verify the dates on your statements to ensure the appointments you are being billed for you received. This is very important if you are dealing with a chronic medical condition as insurers often have limits to the number of procedures they will cover. So if you have had four procedures but were charged for six make sure you have the error fixed otherwise you will be responsible for paying out of pocket for any treatments over the insurance cap.  

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