Smart Benefits & Take Command Health premier memberships start with a dedicated Health Pro, a friendly expert to help your entire family navigate your health benefits and coordinate healthcare.

Your Health Pro can help you with the following:

Understand your benefits

Clear up any confusion about your health insurance plan. Your questions about deductibles, copays, and coverage are all welcomed by your Health Pro!

Verify care coverage

Know before you go! Your Health Pro can verify your coverage prior to any medical services.

Resolve billing errors

On average, about 30% of medical bills are wrong. Don't overpay. Let your Health Pro review your medical bills for accuracy and advocate on your behalf for fair billing!

Transfer Medical Records

Need your medical records transferred to a new doctor? Your Health Pro can help coordinate the transfor on your behalf and make sure everyone has exactly the information they need.

Schedule Appointments

Let your Health Pro schedule appointments with your doctors on  your behalf for times that are most convenient for you.

You can connect to your Health Pro anytime through your member portal. Read more about how to get connected here.

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