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What’s the difference between a QSEHRA and an ICHRA?
What’s the difference between a QSEHRA and an ICHRA?

How to determine if ICHRA or QSEHRA are right for you

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While there are numerous differences, the primary contrast between QSEHRA and ICHRA are eligibility based on company size, limitations on contributions from employers, and design flexibility. For example, a QSEHRA can only be offered by businesses with less than 50 employees, while an ICHRA is available for businesses of any size. QSEHRAs have annual contribution limits, while ICHRAs have no limits. While both ICHRA and QSEHRA need to be offered to employees on the same terms, ICHRA allows for more design flexibility with 11 customizable class distinctions compared to QSEHRAs 4 classes.

For a side-by-side comparison of the two HRAs, read our blog titled, “Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) vs. QSEHRA”.

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