Getting set up to receive tax-free reimbursements through your company's Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) is easier than it sounds! There are just a few quick steps to get set up. We'll walk you through shopping for a plan if you need one, and then we will help get your reimbursements in place.

First Step: Log in to your member portal.

Follow the link in your invitation e-mail from Take Command Health to log in to your new member portal. You can also log in from here, if you cannot find the email. When you follow that link, you'll be able to log into the account we've created for you.

Your username is your e-mail address, and you can reset your password here if you have forgotten it or if you have never set one. 


Once you're logged in, you'll automatically be prompted to walk through onboarding, which will include:

  • Review your ICHRA documents: Be sure to review them so you can understand and make the most of your new ICHRA benefit! Please read the Employee Notice for important information about how it may affect your eligibility to receive a premium tax credit. But don't worry - we'll walk you through it!

  • Updating personal info + adding family members: We'll ask for birthdays & addresses, but don't worry - your sensitive information is safe and encrypted! Note that if your employer offers varying rates based on family status, those varying allowances are assigned based on the family members you enter

  • Purchase health insurance: In order to participate in your company's ICHRA, you will have to enroll in individual health insurance coverage. We’ll walk you through some of your plan options or if you’d rather, schedule a call with a member of our enrollment team here! (If you are already enrolled in a health insurance plan, be sure you have your proof of coverage handy for the next step!)

  • Upload proof of coverage & set up your recurring reimbursement claim: In order to get set up for reimbursements through your company's ICHRA, we first need to verify that your health coverage is eligible. You can set up your monthly premium as a recurring expense. That means you won't have to submit your premium to us every month! Instead, we'll set it up to automatically be applied to your reimbursement amount each month.

If you are shopping for a plan on the Take Command Health platform, look out for the "Easy Enroll" tag - those are plans for which we can set up your proof of coverage & recurring claim on your behalf!

Other Resources

Not sure where to start? We have this amazing HRA Resource Center with some additional help for you!

Also, if you have purchased a plan outside of the Take Command Health platform, please be be sure you read the popup about how ICHRA can affect your tax credit. You cannot accept both a tax credit and an ICHRA reimbursement.

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