Do you already have insurance through your spouse's employer or through another job? Maybe you have coverage through the VA or through TRICARE, or you prefer to stay on COBRA from your last job for a few more months before switching to an individual plan. Or, maybe you just aren't interested in purchasing insurance (we'd love to help you explore your options before you make that choice!)?

Whatever your reasoning, if you are choosing NOT to participate in your company's ICHRA plan, you can easily waive coverage through your Take Command Health member portal.

When walking through the onboarding or re-enrollment flow, on the second step in the "Reimbursement Amount" page, click the option to waive coverage for this year.

If you decide mid-year that you do want to participate (for example, if your spouse loses their jobs through which you currently have insurance), it's not too late! Reach out and we can help you get set up for reimbursement.

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