Where can I update my QSEHRA configurations?

I want to make a change to my QSEHRA, what should I do?

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An awesome perk of having a QSEHRA is that you can update your plan configurations at any time! There are a few changes you can make yourself in your admin portal, but most changes will need to be made by the Take Command Health team.

You can always view your current plan configurations under Settings > 2021 QSEHRA. If you are wanting to change any of those configurations (reimbursement rates, exclusions, or compliance check frequency), just send us a chat in the bottom right-hand corner and we'll update that for you!

If you are wanting to update your Reimbursement Statement date, you can do that in your Admin Portal under Reimbursements. Just click on "Update" the box in the top right, and you can update the frequency and timing of your automatic statements. It'll look like this:

You can also update any company or billing information, or add administrators, in the Settings tab!

If you need to make other changes, or if you aren't sure, please just let us know by chatting with us in the bottom right-hand corner, or emailing support@takecommandhealth.com! We'll be happy to make any changes for you.

Still not sure where to start? Check out our Admin Resource Center for more resources and support.

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