ICHRA tax reporting is brand new, and can be a bit scary! Luckily, your favorite HRA experts are here to guide you through. Here's a couple of the most common questions we've been getting about tax reporting for ICHRA. Please remember that while we're insurance experts, we are not CPAs or tax professionals, so we definitely recommend running any questions by yours before making any big decisions or filing forms!

Q: Do I need to fill out Part 3 on a 1095-B form?

A: No, you don't. If any employees had coverage in 2021, they'll receive that information directly from their insurance carrier. Just make sure to fill our Part 2 with your company's information!

Q: If employees decided to waive coverage/not participate in the ICHRA, do I need to file a 1095-B for them?

A: No, we do not believe you should need to file a 1095-B for those employees. This is based on our interpretation of the guidelines though, so please check with your CPA as well.

Q: Where do I find the information to fill out the 1095-B?

A: We've created a data spreadsheet for you under the Documents tab. Each column has a number that corresponds to the numbered box on the form, so you/your preparer just needs to fill in the information that matches the number on the 1095-B box.

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