What type of plans qualify for QSEHRA?

There's a ton of plan types when I'm uploading proof of coverage- which type is my plan?

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QSEHRA is super flexible when it comes to qualified plan types- the only requirement is that you must have Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), which is true of a lot of different types of health insurance plans!

When you're uploading proof of coverage, it'll take you to this screen to choose your plan type:

That's a lot of options! Let's walk through them.

Individual Health Insurance: This only refers to individual, major medical plans purchased on or off Exchange. These plan names typically contain a metal tier (bronze, silver, gold). If you choose this option, it'll ask you to enter a zip code and choose your insurance carrier from there. If your insurance carrier is not listed, you likely have a different plan type. Keep reading!

Spouse's Employer Group Plan: If your insurance comes from your spouse's employer and the premium is deducted from your spouse's paycheck, this is the option to choose! Keep in mind, that these reimbursements are typically taxable because the premium is deducted pre-tax. Your employer can choose whether or not these taxable reimbursements are allowed.

Medicare: If you are over 65 and you have a red, white, and blue Medicare card, this is the plan type to choose!

Individual Minimum Essential Coverage: This refers to a supplemental MEC plan. This is the option you'll want to choose if you have a sharing plan or short-term plan, and a supplemental MEC plan. We want to see proof of MEC first, and then you can add any other supplemental plans you have after! If you have a sharing plan or short-term plan and don't have an MEC plan, you'll need to purchase one to qualify for QSEHRA reimbursements! You can read more about that here.

COBRA Coverage: COBRA coverage is continuing coverage from a former employer. It's group plan coverage that you pay completely out of pocket, instead of your employer paying a portion of it.

Tricare: Tricare is coverage for Active-Duty military and their families.

Parent's Plan: If you are under 26 and still on your parent's plan, choose this option! You can't get reimbursed for premiums but can use your entire allowance for medical expense reimbursement.

Student Health Insurance: This refers to health insurance for university students, purchased through the university. Pretty straightforward!

Medicaid: This refers to state-sponsored insurance. The specific names can vary by state, but if you don't pay a premium and the state pays for your coverage, you probably have a form of Medicaid!

If your plan doesn't fall under one of these plan types, there's a chance it isn't MEC. Don't panic- you have some options! Just reach out to us in the bottom right-hand corner and we can help you narrow those down.

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