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What do the HRA Status' mean on my Employee Roster?
What do the HRA Status' mean on my Employee Roster?

Where are my employees in the onboarding process?

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On your Employee Roster, we'll help keep you up-to-date with where your employees are in the onboarding process under the column labeled "HRA Status."

No Proof of Coverage: This employee has either not logged in, or has logged in but has not completed the onboarding process.

Reviewing Coverage: This employee's proof of coverage is under review by our Compliance team!

Active: This employee has uploaded proof of coverage, and they have been contacted by the Compliance team regarding the status (either declined or approved).

Not Participating: This employee has successfully waived coverage, and we know they are not wanting to participate in the HRA benefit.

Ineligible Owner: This person is considered an owner of the business, and is therefore not eligible for reimbursement based on the company's corporate structure. If you think this is incorrect, let us know!

Still not sure where to start? Check out our Admin Resource Center for more resources and support.

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