We offer all of our Talentsy Partners their very own @talentsycreators.com e-mail address, managed by our in-house business development team. ย 

We'll handle all business negotiations, press inquiries, and media offers on your behalf to save you time while still ensuring your needs are thoroughly met, and deals are being negotiated with strategic precision.ย 

Over the years, we have negotiated deals for our creators with global household brands, including (but not limited to): Disney, MAC Beauty & Cosmetics, DJI, Time Warner, Microsoft, MSI, and many more. ย Rest assured that your business inquiries will be funneled into the right hands here at Talentsy YouTube Network.ย 

To set-up your managed inbox with Talentsy, please let us know at partners@talentsycreators.com or over on the live-chat.ย 

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