There may be many reasons a Talentsy Creator hasn't received their payment. Let's break down the options and find you a solution.

Reason 1: Payment not yet due (most common)

Our official Partner Payments Schedule can be found here. Β In short, we pay your revenue monthly on the 15th day, trailing one (1) month. For example, January revenues are paid March 15th.Β 

Reason 2: Violation of your Talentsy Partner Agreement

If you have violated the terms of the Talentsy Agreement, Talentsy has no obligation to pay any outstanding amount.

Reason 3: YouTube Channel Terminated or Monetization Suspended

If your channel has been terminated by either violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines, or Copyright Guidelines, Talentsy will have no obligation to pay any remaining amounts due to a breakage in the Agreement between Talentsy and the Channel Owner.

For any additional help, answers, or clarification on our payments terms and schedules, write to us any time over on our live chat at

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