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Sharing a class with another teacher
Sharing a class with another teacher

Learn how to add and remove co-teachers in your account.

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Sharing a class with another teacher means that the other teacher won't need to enter family contact information and can start messaging the family in your class right away. You'll be able to access each other's messages, which is helpful for collaborating on family communication. 


- Co-teachers will not receive notifications of one another's messages OR see each other's messages in the same thread. Please click HERE to see how to view your co-teacher's messages with your shared families.

- For classes synced from ClassLink or Clever, you must assign co-teachers within your SIS, ClassLink, or Clever for them to be shared in TalkingPoints.

Follow these steps to share your class with another teacher:

Step 1: Go into the 'Classes' tab from your dashboard.

Step 2: Click into the class you'd like to share.

Step 3: Click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and then select 'Share Class'.

Step 4: Enter the information for the co-teacher(s) you would like to add. You can also click on 'Add a custom message' to add your own invite message.

Once you share your class with another teacher, they will see your class in the list of their classes with a green "New" button to let them know that they have been invited to the class.

They can then click on the class to access the students rostered in that class.

Removing a co-teacher from a class you have shared

Step 1: Click into the class that is shared and select the three dot menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select "See class details".

Step 2: Click "Edit" next to the list of staff members in the class.

Step 3: Click the X next to the co-teacher's name who you want to remove.

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