You can preschedule a message to go out on a different time/date. We recommend using the scheduling feature to set messages to go out when your parents have time to read your messages (i.e. arrival/dismissal times, early evenings, weekends, etc.).

Here's how you can schedule a message:

Step by step guide on the Web:

  1. After typing your message, click "schedule."

2. Select the date and time for the message to send (KEVIN: Put arrow on the date in bottom left-hand side).

3. The scheduled message will appear on the left-hand side, indicating the date it will be released.

Step-by-Step Guide: On the Mobile App

  1. Compose your message and click the 'send now' drop down menu.

  2. Select the date and time to send your message and click select.

  3. Click 'schedule' and it will save until it is scheduled to be sent. 

VIDEO : Learn how to Schedule Messages 

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