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How do I schedule a message?
How do I schedule a message?

Can I compose a message in advance?

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You can preschedule a message to go out at a different time/date. We recommend using the scheduling feature to set messages to go out when your families have time to read your messages (i.e. arrival/dismissal times, early evenings, weekends, etc.).

Here's how you can schedule a message:

Step by step guide on the Web:

1. After typing your message, click "schedule."

2. Select the date and time for the message to send

3. The scheduled message will appear on the left-hand side, indicating the date it will be released.

Step-by-Step Guide: On the Mobile App

  1. Compose your message and click the 'send now' drop-down menu.

  2. Select the date and time to send your message and click select.

  3. Click 'schedule' and it will save until it is scheduled to be sent. 

VIDEO : Learn how to Schedule Messages 

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