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How do I send pictures/photos?
How do I send pictures/photos?

Learn how to add photos to a message.

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You can attach a picture/photo to your message by following these easy steps.

*Note: Live photos on the iPhone are not compatible with TalkingPoints, so they will need to be saved as still photos before being sent. To learn how to do so, scroll to the bottom of this article. In addition, videos must be in .mp4 format and can only be a maximum of 25MB.



Whether you are sending an announcement or a direct message, you will see the '+' button that will bring up the options to open your camera or look in your phone's library for videos to send.

Converting Live Photos to Still Images:

There are two ways to do this depending on what model iPhone you have. Most iPhone devices will show this first option when displaying a live photo.

Option A:

You will see the "Live" icon at the top of the screen when viewing the live photo and you can simply tap it to turn off the live feature to convert it into a still image.

Option B:

Select the "Share" icon > Duplicate > Duplicate as Still to save the image as a still image and send the still version in TalkingPoints.

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